W.R.I.T.E. Grant Program


W.R.I.T.E. Program

This year's deadline for the WRITE Program has passed. We'll be announcing our 2019 winners soon!

The FriendsOffice W.R.I.T.E. (We Reward Innovative Teaching Endeavors) Program is a concept designed to reward passionate, qualified and talented teachers within our schools. W.R.I.T.E. is a grant program with an annual value of up to $1500 intended to be used on products available through FriendsOffice. It is not associated with any government or public entities.

In this program, teachers must submit an essay that contains their version of the following thesis statement:

  • “If I had 'X' from FriendsOffice, I could do 'Y' to benefit the learning of my students.”

The Grand Prize for this grant is $500 in school and classroom supplies from FriendsOffice. There will be a first, second and third runner up with grants at values of $300, $200 and $100, respectively. Teachers must submit their application (and their essay with a minimum of 500 words) by February 28th of the current academic year.

Past Winners

Winners will be announced soon!


1st Place
Ashley Stepec
Liberty Benton Elementary School
4th grade teacher (all subjects)
Read Ashley's Winning Essay!

1st Runner Up
Jessee Hankins
Findlay High School
Social Studies
Read Jessee's Winning Essay!

2nd Runner Up
Gina Neff
Utica High School
Agricultural Education Instructor
Ready Gina's Winning Essay!

3rd Runner Up
John Jackson
Versailles High School
Social Studies
Ready John's Winning Essay!

4th Runner Up
Sylvia Arcuragi
Preble Shawnee High School
Special Education Work/Study
Ready Sylvia's Winning Essay!


1st Place
Leah Burke
Bassett Elementary School
4th grade teacher (all subjects)
Read Leah's Winning Essay

2nd Place
Ashley Stepec
Liberty Benton Elementary School
Kindergarten Teacher
Read Ashley's Winning Essay

3rd Place
Elizabeth Stracener
Seton Catholic High School
Science and Health Teacher (9-12)
Read Elizabeth's Winning Essay

4th Place
Jill Briem
Wapokoneta Elementary School
4th Grade Science Teacher
Read Jill's Winning Essay


1st Place
Kathy Jeffries
St. Mary's Memorial High School
Special Education (9-12)
Read Kathy's winning essay

2nd Place
Kristy Culp
Darby Creek Elementary School
3rd Grade Teacher
Read Kristy's winning essay

3rd Place
Barbara Summers
Tallmadge Elementary School (at West)
2nd Grade Teacher
Read Barbara's winning essay

4th Place
Chelsea Ricker
Leipsic High School
Mathematics Teacher (9-12)
Read Chelsea's winning essay


1st Place
Rhonda Wheeler
Longfellow Elementary School
Intervention Specialist (3rd, 4th, 5th grade)

Click here to read Rhonda's winning essay.

2nd Place
Angela Force
Highlands Elementary School
2nd Grade Teacher

Click here to read Angela's winning essay.

3rd Place
Laura Rettig
Upper Scioto Valley High School
Science Teacher

Click here to read Laura's winning essay.

4th Place
Katie Curtis
Robinwood Lane Elementary School
3rd Grade Teacher

Click here to read Katie's winning essay.

5th Place
Alissa Farmer
Riverdale Elementary School
2nd Grade Teacher

Click here to read Alissa's winning essay.