Terms and Conditions

Next-Day Delivery:
LEAD TIMES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON VENDOR SOURCE. As such, FriendsOffice cannot guarantee next-day delivery. Call 800.427.1704 for assistance.

Furniture orders are subject to delivery and installation charges.
Please check with your sales representative or contact us for rates.

Request for credit and pick up
*Special order items are n0n-returnable.

Teachers/School Accounts:
Please be advised that some school orders are not available for next-day delivery. Please contact your account representative or one of our customer care specialists to confirm availability and delivery time.

Credit Card Payments:
Please note, payments made by credit card after 15 days will be accessed a 2% processing fee. Payments made by credit card after 30 days will be accessed a 3% processing fee.

*Shipping - Some exceptions may apply.
*Prices and product availability are subject to change.
*Coupons and Promotions cannot be combined.
*Please be advised that pop/soda is not available to our drop ship customers since the packaging is not meant for shipping UPS/FEDEX.