How to Worry Less and Smile More at Work

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Being able to “Worry Less” here at FriendsOffice, is just one of the many perks of our company. Not to say that FriendsOffice is free from worry, but there are a few tips and tricks we follow to keep smiling and shed some of that worry from the day.

Reasons to Smile

Smiling more can actually help with self-confidence and improve health. The chemicals that are released when a person smiles helps fight symptoms of depression and fatigue. Smiling is also known to be contagious. It can help feel better and help someone else feel better too when a smile is shared. Smiling more can literally make a whole office feel good!

Good things are happening! Whether they are apparent to you or not, good things are happening. Finding them in everyday situations can be hard, but not impossible. The warmth of a cup of coffee on a cold day, a passing compliment in the hallway, little traffic on the way to work; anything that causes a smile points to a good day.

Another reason to smile more is that things could always be worse… Not to sound too doom and gloom, but putting tasks that we tend to get worried over into better perspective can help make it seem less of a stress. Remembering harder times and growing through the pain makes it easier to smile in the face of common day worries. Let’s stay motivated!

Tips and Tricks to Worry Less

  • Write It Down:   Start with bullet points, move to a list, and even take it a step further and write a few paragraphs about the things that cause worry. To whatever extent that feels comfortable, write out concerns. It will help to see them in a physical form and allow an easier process when trying to organize the tasks at hand.
  • Talk to Someone:   It should never be considered a bad thing to talk to someone when worried. Whether it’s a counselor, a therapist, a friends, or a superior; talking to someone when worry becomes too much is the healthy thing to do. Being able to speak concerns can even help build trust among peers. The bottom line is that bottling it up and maintaining a worried mindset isn’t healthy or productive for anyone involved.
  • Organize:   Starting the day off by organizing can make a huge difference in how the day goes. Getting through emails, straightening desktops (both physical and digital), and allowing a clean start to the day can help organize thoughts and boost productivity. Seeing and thinking clearly and in an orderly fashion creates less worry and more confidence to get tasks done!
  • Listen to Music:   Listening to music doesn’t mean that listening to a favorites playlist will help with relaxing, but exploring new types of music can! Playing piano music, ambience based songs, or nature sounds are perfect examples of relaxing music that can help refocus. Without using words or lyrics, it gives the brain a chance to process its own thoughts and still feel engaged.
  • Words of Affirmation:   Talk out loud. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Even if the conversations happens internally, being able to talk out a situation can be really helpful. Remembering that stressing and freaking out over a task will not complete it any faster is important. Self reminders and sayings like, “It’s all going to be alright,” paired with a deep breath can do wonders for stress levels.


Worrying less at work can be strenuous, but being able to trust in team members can make all of the difference. For more information like this, click the link to visit How to Build Trust at Work: Bad Habits to Avoid​.

This post was strongly inspired by the Be More With Less article, “10 Simple Ways to Worry Less.”

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