How to Work Hard When You Feel Burnt Out

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All companies, including FriendsOffice, strives for a “Work Hard” mentality and a “can do” attitude. Working hard is expected at every job, no matter what it is. Being burnt out, can feel like it comes with every job as well. Everyone gets burnt out sometimes, but knowing how to get through it, that’s a skill in its own.

Causes of Exhaustion at Work

There are many causes of becoming burnt out at work. It’s different for everyone and it can hit unexpectedly. One common cause is the feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s hard to be productive when the lists looks endless, whether it’s tasks at home or tasks in the office. Taking five to ten minutes to write out separate lists dividing up the tasks can help organize highest priorities.

Over focussing on one thing for too long can also make working hard difficult to do. Staring at the same task for too long, especially when it’s putting up a fight, can cause a blinding frustration that can’t be solved until the task is put on pause. Walking away and coming back to it, or switching to a different task temporarily allows a clearer head to return to the task later.

Tips and Tricks to Help Pressing On

  • Set Mini Goals:   When the list of To Do’s starts to look endless, separating and sorting the tasks into smaller lists can help make it look a little less stressful. And once one of the smaller lists is complete, the gratification from reaching that goal helps with motivation for the next list.
  • Rewards:   Small rewards in-between achievements is great for productivity. Bring in a treat and only indulge at the end of every task. A fun example is to take gobstoppers and line them at the top the keyboard and once a goal is complete, pop one in! It’s colorful and motivating.
  • Small Stuff First:   If multiple lists is more stressful than one big list, try attacking the smaller things first. It helps create a flow of productivity and establish a working mindset. It also shrinks the list down to a doable workload.
  • Switch It Up:   If things just aren’t going right for a project, take a break and come back to it. Even if that means switching to a different project for a little bit, the time away from the other project allows the mind to clear and calm down.


Hard work makes for hungry stomachs! At FriendsOffice it is important to us to eat healthy. For more information like this, click the link to visit How to Eat Healthy at Work and Why It’s Important.

This post was strongly inspired by The Muse article, “7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Hard When You’re Really Not in the Mood.”

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