What Powers You for the Year After the Hype of the Holidays?

Post Holiday Feels

The holiday season can taxing on anyone. At home and at work, it can be hard to hype yourself back up and simultaneously recharge at the start of a new year. Taking time to recover from all the gift giving, the get-togethers, and the pressure of the short season is a necessity if you’re looking to start your year off feeling renewed and fresh.

It’s never too late to start practicing better habits and setting goals. But making sure your expectations for the new year are achievable is the number one way to start your year out on a good foot. Before moving into the new year with high expectations, be sure to set yourself up with all the time and tools to bring yourself happiness. Be mindful and take the time to do the little things that set you up for success.

Why It’s Important

Boosting morale for your employees is one of the things a company can do to kick-off the year on the right foot. You get from your employees what you put into them. We’ve seen that if you pay attention to their well-being, their emotions, and their goals, you are able to help cultivate their productivity. The saying, “when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” holds true when you create an environment that your employees love.

As far as motivation goes, there is so much to gain from the effort you put forward as a business. Your employees are your greatest asset. How you treat them determines how they represent the company. Like many things, people need nurturing to thrive. By focusing on the small things you can do for your employees, you will most definitely reap the benefits!

Tips and Tricks to Boosting Morale this Year

  • Provide Feedback & Coaching: Giving good feedback should be in every great management team’s utility belt. Tiptoeing around issues and not letting people know what they need to work on doesn’t help anyone. It can actually lead to more confrontation in your office and a failure in communication. All that aside, providing feedback and coaching is something everyone can benefit from.
  • Treat Everyone with Respect: This one is a given, but sometimes it’s hard to remember the full lengths of showing respect to others. Make sure you are respecting others work, time, and well-being. We’re all human and we all deserve respect and kindness. Just be courteous!
  • Provide Employee Perks: Incentivizing you employees can be a slippery slope, but cutting out rewards entirely can diminish the best parts of a good work environment. Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to be huge! It can be as simple as passing out some company swag. Everyone loves free stuff!
  • Offer Open Communication: Giving good feedback is super easy and can be accomplished in a variety of ways, so you can adapt the way you provide feedback to fit your personality or workplace environment. Good feedback can look like a quick 10 minute meeting to go over a project and do some problem solving, together. Good communication can also look like providing little uplifting notes! We suggest that you strive for an environment where everyone feels safe to speak up and be heard.


This post was strongly inspired by The Balance Careers article “How You Can Boost Employee Morale.”

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