What Makes You a Good Zoom User?

With the world in the state that it’s in, our idea of normalcy now relies on our proficient use of technology. The lack of face to face meetings with others has forced us to learn how to operate and communicate online using software applications like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and FaceTime. Even before the shutdown we had been using Zoom on a daily basis! Although we have to admit we’ve become professional Zoom users, it’s lost its luster and we miss face-to-face interactions.

How FriendsOffice Uses Zoom

Every week, various groups of our employees hop onto our Zoom meetings for company-wide updates, new product introductions, and team trouble-shooting conversations. This practice we began in 2018 has allowed us to share information to all six of our Ohio locations. Everyone gets the same information and we all get to interact with each other from week to week. We value the times we got to spend together in person, but while that isn’t possible in today’s current climate we enjoy coming together virtually once a week in various groups.

Our Marketing group meets once a week to go over ongoing projects, spitball ideas, and finalize programs. Our goal is to make sure we can come to an agreement on all things and stay on the same page. I have even been able to hop onto Zoom for quick tutorials and “How To’s” from my supervisor when I’m in need of some help. He actually works from our Dayton office and I work from Findlay. Zoom is the link that has kept us together and functioning even though we’re apart.

Since we haven’t been able to get out to meet with our customers face to face or host in-person product training for our teams, we have started organizing bi-weekly Webinars. We still get to share information, while also conducting a more personal interaction. And really, it’s all good fun! Our contacts can participate in our giveaways, we get to chat with customers and hear their questions and concerns, and it’s a great break from the normal work week. We even stream them on Facebook live so our partners can review them when they’re available. I think we can all agree, we could all use a little more fun in our lives!

Tips & Tricks to Being a Good Zoom User

  • Look Nice: So, we know it’d be super easy to forgo the pants when you’re hopping on a virtual meeting, but looking presentable is probably a good idea. Can we agree, you only feel as nice as you look? If you’re not dressed for that meeting, you won’t feel like going to it, either. One of the most important things to remember with the way we do work now is to self-regulate. Figure out the things that motivate you and force yourself to do them. It can be as simple as getting dressed in order to get some work done. So, we say, dress the part!
  • Webcam Placement: When you start a Zoom meeting, keep in mind how you look in your webcam. Think about the things around you: your lighting, the angle that you’re presenting yourself, background objects or scenery. Is your keyboard visible? Are you looking like a shadow monster in the dark? Can everyone see your pile of dirty laundry behind you? Be aware of your surroundings when you hop onto a call. You’ll be happy you did!
  • Be on Time: It sounds silly, but make sure you’re showing up to your meetings on time! Once a meeting has started it becomes really annoying for the person running the meeting and attending to stop what they’re doing and admit you in. Showing up late is also a huge gamble! Will the application need to reboot due to updates? Technology is great, until it doesn’t work the way you expected.
  • Make it Timely: On the flip side of being on time, don’t show up to the meeting at a ridiculously early, either. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and you told guests 7:00 p.m. and a guest arrives by 6:30 p.m. How would you feel? 5 minutes early is a good rule of thumb.
  • Be Aware of Your Mute Settings: This is the one thing that most people struggle with! Know where your mute button is and how to use it. Nothing is more frustrating, and honestly flat out rude, than making a whole bunch of noise and interrupting the person speaking with your typing or slurping coffee. It’s a super simple thing to learn to be aware of, and can make your Zoom meetings go a 100 times smoother!
  • Come Prepared: Like all meetings, it’s best to come prepared! If you know you’ll be sharing documents from your screen, have them pulled up off to the side or even minimized for quick and easy access.
    Test-out your Screen Share application prior to your meeting. If you’re meeting with a group of people along with other parties attending by way of Zoom, make sure that any information and any visuals you have printed for the group also gets sent to your Zoom friends electronically. The more visuals you can share the better!

Extra: Try Standing! You wouldn’t think that people can tell the difference, but it’s surprisingly nice to see someone standing while they present! It can make it feel more like a well-thought-out presentation/meeting like we used to have prior to the pandemic craziness. We have so many mobile podiums and mobile sit-to-stand desks if you’re looking for options.


We suggest reviewing the Zoom Q&A section for all meeting and webinar best practices. We also hope you’ll check-out our FriendsNetwork Lives to receive update product information, giveaway opportunities, and to ‘see’ your Friends!

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