Think Green to Avoid the Office Blues

The Science of Plants and People

Plants and people make a perfect pair, just as nature intended. But when most of the average persons’ day is spent inside, we can start to loose the benefits that come from being around plants. It’s even harder for those of us who lack a green thumb and kill every indoor plant we buy. One of the best places to have indoor plants is actually in the office or at a workspace! However, it’s one of the best places to kill them, too. Luckily, we have some tried and true suggestions on how to stop killing your office plants!

Great Office Plants

Truthfully, FriendsOffice knows about office life and all that applies to an ergonomic workspace, but we admit we really aren’t experts on plant life! However, through our research we were able to find a fabulous website that we have linked to below in “Other Sources” where you can locate all the information you need for what plants to bring into the office.

  • Snake Plant: If you’re anything like me, this is the plant for you because you DO NOT need a green thumb to have a snake plant. These plants don’t require much work at all, especially when it comes to watering them. They can rot if over watered and need to be kept in a well draining pot.
  • Philodendron Plant: Even though this plant’s name is a mouthful and can look a little scary, this plant is one of the easiest to take care of. Not because they don’t require much attention, but because they give off plenty of warning signs when they aren’t doing too well. Just a little bit of water and a good schedule works for these guys.
  • English Ivy: It’s a climbing vine that is fairly self-sufficient. As far as care goes, as long as the soil is moist this plant is good-to-go. Once the plant has matured, it can withstand just about any office conditions, within reason.
  • Aloe Plant: This one is great for purifying the air, and you can also use the leaves in a first aid kit. All these plants need is a wide container that drains well. Aloe plants don’t require much maintenance as they prefer their soil on the dry side. DO NOT WATER too often.
  • ZZ Plant: This plant sounds like a plant I could handle, as it is described as “indestructible.” One of the only ways to kill this plant is to over water it, otherwise it can withstand months of neglect and still look like it’s living its best life! It survives well with lack of natural light and is perfect for plant killers (i.e. myself).

Alternative Ways to Go Green

Bringing plants into your office environment is great, but why stop there? Keep the momentum going and not only think green, but go-green, too! For example, FreindsOffice works hard to go-green by maintaining its title as a Certified Green Company. One of the ways we do this is by sticking to our 4-day delivery model. We keep our trucks off the road in order to cut down on our carbon footprint. FriendsOffice also actively recycles at all of our 6 locations throughout Ohio and we utilize energy efficient LED lighting throughout our facilities. But the most effective way promote a “Go Green” mentality is through the sale of our eco-friendly green products.


This post was strongly inspired by ProFlower. For a complete and thorough look into the perks of having plants in an office environment check out their website!

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