The Season of Gift Giving: Fun and Easy Teacher Gifts

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear! But if singing isn’t really your thing, fun and easy gift giving works too. And as the year comes to a close, make sure you let the most important people in your life know you appreciate them. Like, for a special teacher!

Reminding Our Teachers

It has never been more important to remind our teachers just how important they are to us and our kids. Having had an irregular school year to say the least, it is fair to say that, just like us, this school year has been challenging. Remembering that these teachers are the people who help us grow the minds of the future and take the time to not only teach our kids, but love and care for them while we aren’t there. So this year especially, we need to show the love for our teachers!

Everyone at this point in 2020 could use a boost in morale, but focusing on our teachers is key! They’re the ones that are constantly having to change what they’re doing, constantly feeling like what they’re doing isn’t enough, and some not even feeling like their teaching this year. And even though most of us can relate, it’s still pertinent that we put in the effort of giving during this holiday season. If not for our own satisfaction, then for others and their happiness.

Season of Giving

It might sound strange to think of it this way, but there are a lot of benefits to giving during the holiday season. Bringing joy to others and seeing their smiling faces is a perfect way to boost your own happiness. Sharing in the holiday cheer may not only be passed to the teachers in your life, but to your kids by association. Leading by example and showing them what it means to spread happiness makes this time of year all the more amazing.

Make sure you have good communication when trying to gift this year. Email or message your child’s teacher ahead of time to cement a time you can give your gift. If your child is doing in-person learning, it can be as simple as sending it with them on their way to school. However, remote learning can make things a little harder than before. Get with your teacher or check with the school secretary about following the proper procedures when delivering their gifts. Calling ahead can save you loads of time and stress!

Ideas for Teacher Gifts:

  • Candy: This gift idea is a super easy and fun way to give back to your favorite teachers! Take some time with the kiddos to make some holiday candies and put them in a fun little container. Its inexpensive and fun for everyone involved!
  • Ornaments: Ornaments never get old, no matter how many you collect. You can even get a little creative and have ornament making craft time! They don’t have to be amazing, just made with love.
  • Crafts: Craft time can get a little messy, but it’s a guaranteed good time for everyone as the year starts to come to a close. Make some fun paper chains, styrofoam cup angels, or paper cutout snowflakes! Anything to spread smiles this holiday season.
  • Something Special: This gift idea isn’t for everyone. If you have the funds and have gotten to know your teacher, its perfectly ok to get them something a little extra special. Like, a personalized cup to ensure they get enough water in their busy days! Maybe a set of bracelets from a local, handmade jewelry store. Or play off anything only you and your child would know about him or her!


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