September Product Highlight: Fellowes Gel Gliding Palm Support

Product of the Month

How do your know when a product is right for you and your type of work? Even with product reviews, you really don’t know how they can help until you’ve tried them. Every month, I am writing a product review for one of our FriendsOffice preferred products. This September, I have been using the Fellowes Gel Gliding Palm Support.

All About The Product

The Gel Gliding Palm Support  is a wrist guard with Microban® Protection. Fellowes lists it’s dimensions at 0.75″ x 9″ x 11″ Dimension, however, the mat it comes with is 9″ x 11.” The actual Wrist Support is 0.75″ x 3″ x 5.” The Wrist Support comes in black and blue. The plastic used in this product is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Gel. ABS is an impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic & amorphous polymer.

This particular Fellowes product description is as follows;

  • Patented, palm support design glides effortlessly with mouse to encourage healthy, natural movement
  • Palm guide and expanded cushion put any size hand in neutral posture
  • Patented Health-V Channel relieves wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Microban antimicrobial protection keeps product cleaner

Fellowes encourages their own employees to take part in their supportive and compassionate culture, much like a family. They strive to inspire a feeling of innovation in the workplace. The idea of caring deeply about helping people be at their best is shared in their core values. This still drives their mission today. They thrive in creating spaces that foster productivity, organization, peace of mind and overall wellness. Ultimately, Fellowes’s goal is to help change consumers’ lives for the better. These values stand true to this today as they did when Harry Fellowes started the company more than 100 years ago. All of this to say, my confidence in their products is high.

My Thoughts on This Product

This month’s product review came with a lot of surprises that really do prove even really great products just aren’t for everyone. The Gel Gliding Palm Support is really amazing and even though it didn’t work perfectly for me, I would highly suggest it to others who find that they have wrist or arm pain form daily computer work.

The Gel Gliding Palm Support  is really quite amazing! This particular product is great for supporting your wrist. I actually found that after using it for a week or so, that if I removed it, my wrist and even sometimes my arm would start to hurt from the lack of support. I also found that the ability to disassemble the Wrist Support was a huge plus! Not only does that mean it will be easy to thoroughly clean, but that when I found the palm lift to be in the way, I could just remove it. The versatility of the Wrist Support was great because I could change out its working pieces and its orientation depending how I felt each day. I have to wonder if those who experience carpel tunnel would find relief in using this product.

Unfortunately, the Wrist Support isn’t something I think I’ll use, moving forward. My job title falls under “Creative Designer,” meaning I have a fairly large wheelhouse of projects I do for the Marketing Department. The reason the Wrist Support didn’t work as well for me as it would for others is that I tend to move my mouse around more consistently and with broader movements. The Wrist Support ended up limiting my movements to the point where I just had to set it to the side.


Ultimately, it really just depends on you and your job. Had I been trying to use this for a job where I wasn’t doing art based work, I think the Wrist Support would be perfect! I just move my hands around too much for it to be effective for me. I would suggest the Gel Gliding Palm Support from Fellowes to anyone who works in an office and at a computer!


Fellowes catalog of products are designed to make work life a little easier. For more of their unique and wonderfully crafted products, check out our FriendsOffice Website.

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