How to Read More and Improve at Work

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Finding the time to read can be difficult, but making the time is worth the struggle. Taking the time to read everyday can even improve skill sets like reading retention and better-work practices.

Benefits of Reading More

Reading more can help a person think before they act. This skill is one that we all can work on from day to day. Reading more and consuming more literature helps build a strong internal voice. Thinking clearly and in a developed manner, in turn helps build a better decision making skill set.

The ability to understand others better is another skill that is gained from reading more.  The skill of understanding how others think and what they are saying grows when exposed to different sentence structures and to new words.

Being mentally strong is really important at work and reading more can help! Reading is like exercising for the brain. The more we read, the stronger we are mentally. Reading is also a great way to take a break from other tasks but allows for the brain to continue functioning at a high level.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Time to Read

  • Take It With You:   Having a book or magazine at hand is the easiest way to make time to read more. If its there and there’s a few minutes of waiting around, it can be filled with reading.
  • Less Screen Time:   Being on the phone is not a bad thing. A lot of people read online from their laptops or phones, but using some of that screen time on a physical copy of an article or book is better for eye health. Replacing that time after dinner that is normally dedicated to a screen can be turned into a great time for reading.
  • No Blue Light at Bedtime:   Take the time before falling asleep to read. The blue light emitted from phone screens is actually bad for vision and can cause headaches, restlessness, and poor sleep. Replacing the late night screen time for a few chapters in a book can actually help quality of sleep and energy levels.
  • Use Lunch:   Use a little bit of the lunch hour to read an article or two before returning to work. This helps keep informed in current events, allows a mental separation from work and break time. Just using 5 minutes can improve focus when getting back to work.


Reading more has endless benefits, one of them being the cause of less stress. For more information like this, click the link to visit How to Worry Less at Work.

This post was strongly inspired by the Small Businessify article, “Why Reading is Important.”

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