How to Succeed at Work with Positive Thinking

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FriendsOffice, much like other companies, holds a set of values and ideas that they expect to be followed at work. When everyone shares in the same ideas, the work place runs better. The first mantra that FriendsOffice focusses on  is to “Think Positively.” This mantra may seem like a given, but it’s one that is easily forgotten when times get hard. 

Work Skills

For many people, keeping a positive mindset can be difficult, especially at work. We all have rough days and sometimes it feels impossible to see the bright side of a situation. However, it is proven that those who keep a positive point-of-view overall, perform better at work than those who have a more negative outlook. 

Positive thinkers have a stronger connection to themselves and the way they function in their workplace. They tend to have a clearer view of problems and tasks that are put in front of them. Making them more capable problem-solvers and decision-makers. With this said, it seems only natural that their productivity levels would also be higher.

Not to mention the release of stress that is let go when positivity is kept at the forefront of the mind. With less stress, positive thinking can create an air of freedom around yourself and your workspace. Thinking positively can actually help with health and work-life appearance by keeping stress at a minimum.

Positive Thinking

It’s easier said than done to be a positive thinker all of the time. So here are some tips and tricks that can help keep the positivity flowing.

  1. Taking a Minute to Breathe:   Being a good worker doesn’t mean never stopping to take a break at work. Taking a 5 minute breather to refocus and destress can help keep productivity moving forward in the long run. 
  2. Acknowledging Achieved Goals:   Splitting tasks up into smaller goals can make projects easier to accomplish. Acknowledging those little achievements give gratification and help with the positive thinking process. 
  3. Making Lists:   Stress can sometimes happen when mental lists get a little too full. Making physical, visible lists allows for different thought processes to be documented in different spaces. This keeps from multitasking and eliminates confusion on what to do next. 
  4. Stretching:   Get up and move! Even if it’s just walking to the bathroom, physically getting up and stretching can increase alertness and allow a moment to breathe. 
  5. Talk to Someone:   Talking to a coworker can be used as a mental break. It can also help share the positivity through constructive and energizing conversation. Ultimately, getting to know those in the same, shared workspace can help with team dynamic and ability to work together. Taking that minute can relive the brain of stresses and often can help clean-slated minds find new solutions.  


For more about FriendsOffice and the Mantras we follow, click the link to visit FriendsOffice Mantas.

This post was strongly inspired by the Indeed article, “Positive Thinking in the Workplace: Benefits and Tips.”

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