Operations During COVID-19, a Day in the Life

Effects of COVID on Business Operations

Business operations since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic have been far from normal. We’d venture to say that no business model has been exempt from the effects of COVID-19, FriendsOffice included. Everyone is having to take special precautions to protect one another and avoid another economic shut down. With cases on the rise all over the United States, it’s important to have an adjusted operations plan in place. This is what FriendsOffice is doing to keep our employees safe and to maintain our service and support of customer needs.

Daily Operations

  1. Enter the Building Wearing Your Mask:  It is important to wear your mask anytime you may come in contact with others and cannot maintain a 6 feet social distance. While entering the building, places like doorways, hallways, and stairways can cause a problem for social distancing standards. Thus, face masks operate as a safety barrier.
  2. Head to the Survey Check Point:  Once inside our buildings, follow signage and arrows toward the Survey Check Point station which includes a touch-free temperature check. This station acts as a first line of defense for those who may be starting to feel sick.
  3. Complete Temperature Check and Questionnaire:   Take your temperature and record it on the questionnaire sheet. Continue by marking “Yes” or “No” on the questionnaire sheet and then sign and date it. After placing the sheet upside down in the tray, sanitize the pen and thermometer after use.
  4. Follow and Respect Social Distancing:  If there are multiple people waiting at the Check Point station, maintain a 6 feet social distance and respect their space. Blue “X’s” are marked on the floor to indicate a safe distance from the person next to you.
  5. Whenever Outside of “Safe-Zone,” Wear Your Mask:  Keep your mask on for the duration of this process. The only time that it is acceptable to remove you face mask is when you are in your “Safe-Zone” which may include your desk. All team members are working to maintain a safe environment for everyone in our warehouses and office buildings. Our high-touch delivery and warehousing teams are also wearing nitrile gloves. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are within reach and strategically placed in delivery vehicles or high-touch areas, no matter what department you work in. 
  6. Follow Pre-marked Routes:  Certain pathways are marked with blue “X’s” and arrows in the direction of the flow of traffic. This allows a smooth transition from one space to the other while maintain the 6 feet socially distant guideline for coworkers.
  7. Make Your Way to Your “Safe-Zone”:  Following the predetermined walking routes, head to your “Safe-Zone” to begin your work day. Once you are stationary and not up-and-about the space, you can take your mask off. Keep your mask handy. If someone else enters your space, they should remain outside of your safe zone wearing a mask. If you are in need of additional safety barriers, our furniture installation team can assist in assembling mobile and fixed barriers between desks as well as signage to remind coworkers to follow protocol.
  8. Don’t Forget Your Mask:  Remember to grab your mask if you need to leave your desk. Whether it’s to run to the printer, go to the restroom, or to heat up your lunch, don’t forget to grab your mask!

Why We Do It

Ultimately, we ask our employees to follows these rules and our updated daily operations plan because their safety is our highest priority. Think of the number of touch-points in a break room, alone! We can easily spread  germs just by opening the refrigerator, turning on the microwave, and opening a drawer to fink a new utensil. The world is facing a pandemic where many people are getting sick and are facing a long road to recovery, if they recover at all. It’s a serious matter and we feel that our response should be just as intense. These guidelines are nothing more than an inconvenience and they protect the most vulnerable of our friends and family. One of our motto’s here at FriendsOffice is,”putting people before products,” and we intend to do just that.


For more information on how to protect yourself and others, click the link to read an article from the CDC. For business related FAQ, visit the CDC Webpage.

Employee Check-in Survey

“Please respect your fellow employees. None of us knows who may be asymptomatic, so the best guideline is to assume everyone is asymptomatic.”

Peg Schroeder, Human Resources

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