November Product Highlight: Rolodex Supplies Caddy

Product of the Month

Its the most wonderful time of the month! Product Highlight time! Each month I review a FriendsOffice product and give my honest opinion on its functionality and usability. For November, I reviewed the Rolodex Supplies Caddy!

All About the Product

Although the official name of this product is the Rolodex Mesh Oval Pencil Cup, it can easily be called a supply caddy due to the sheer number of compartments for other supplies. The 4 compartment steel caddy includes divisions that actually give the user up to 8 usable spaces. Its dimensions are 9.3″ Width x 4.5″ Depth. The caddy is meant for a desktop location and comes in black, similarly to other Rolodex products.

The Rolodex Mesh Oval Pencil Cup description is as follows;

  • Offers divided compartments for easy organization of different writing utensils
  • Hold paper clips and small accessories
  • Drawer adds more storage for 3″ x 3″ notepads or other small items
  • Made of rolled mesh steel in a criss-cross design

Rolodex is a company that many know primarily for their rotary file organizers. But for more than 50 years, Rolodex has helped people network promotions, keep important numbers at a moments reach, and stay connected through organizational products. Their goal is to revolutionize the way people organize their workspace and home life. They continue to create new workspace accessories designed to bring stylish functionality to the office and exciting new additions to classic products.

My Thoughts on This Product

Although I was not particularly excited for this product review, I was exceedingly surprised at how much I ended up loving it! I wasn’t sure that I actually needed this product on my desk, but quickly realized it was life changing.

I am very particular on the pens I use everyday. Certain tasks require different types of writing utensils. The 4 large pen spaces made it easy for me to sort out my countless writing utensils. I use one fore pens, one fore pencils, one for super nice pens, and one for markers and highlighters. As long as I keep them organized, I can pull exactly what I need super quick and without hesitation.

The middle section was the most exciting for me! It allowed me to pull out from my desk drawer my most commonly used supplies and put them in a place that I could actually use them! Everything from paperclips to pushpins, sticky notes to erasers and more! Its really helped me keep organized during my least organized time of the year, the holidays. This little additional organization tool helps in the flow of my workday and makes moments when I could be getting overwhelmed a little easier to get through.

Overall, I would recommend this product to everyone! Its durable, clean looking, and perfect for keeping your supplies together.


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