The Most Popular Office Products of Mid 2020

The Year’s Half Over, Already?

We have been paying close attention to the most popular products you’ve been searching for since the start of 2020. And, my how they’ve changed throughout this pandemic! Though we work to supply office teams collectively, we have all of your individual needs in mind while we source personal protective equipment, sanitizing supplies, and every day office products or furniture.

Our findings hold true in comparison to a recent report done by U.S.A. Today. Think about your own mental shifts since the onset of Covid-19. What would you guess are the most popular products on everyone’s wish-list while they are on-the-job?

Our Top 10 Most Popular Product Purchases

1. Toilet Paper

Demand for toilet paper sky rocketed with the announcement of our global pandemic. Fortunately, we have always been able to supply our customer-base with their toilet paper needs and therefore eased their qualms in running out.  Wouldn’t that have just been the worst? Luckily, if you already worked with us, you had a Friend in your corner!

2. Hand Sanitizer

Prior to the pandemic, post-it notes were the number one searched-for supply on  Overnight, Hand Sanitizer took first position on our shopping site and has become one of the most highly sought after products on the market, today. Our procurement team has established local, regional, national, and international contacts over the past three months. Thanks to these existing and newfound relationships, we are proud to say that any Friends of FriendsOffice are fully stocked with sanitizer. Are you?

3. Popcorn

What’s a cheap snack, that’s easy to keep on-hand, and simple to make? Popcorn! Not only does FriendsOffice sell popcorn, but we also have a ton of other Breakroom items perfect for teams less than 5 or over 500. It’s all in-stock, available nationwide, and ready to add to an order of toilet paper or custom T-shirts or new phone chargers! Plus, you can have everything delivered next-day and billed on one invoice. Who knew, right?

4. Tissues

As far as no-brainer popular products go, tissues may take-the-cake! Perhaps you’ve been mourning over lost vacation plans thanks to Covid-19… or, like many of us, allergies are affecting everyone around your office. Tissues can work as a barrier to airborne viruses and bacteria and are an important asset best kept within reach around every office space of any size.

5. Yoga Mats

We have to admit that it’s super fun having a Custom Print and Promotional Products department here at FriendsOffice! When you think of Everything for People@Work, think health and wellness and keep your branding at the forefront of your network’s mind. Encouraging mental and physical health for your employees is an important stepping stone to combating cold and flu season and especially the daily struggles of our current pandemic. Suggest an activity your employees can engage in and relate to, even while we’re physically apart, and select a corresponding branded product you can provide them. In these times of being separated, sometimes it’s the thoughtful reminders that can bring us together, increase morale, and therefore increase productivity.

6. Office Chairs

With many people more permanently stations in their homes for their workday or returning to the workplace with more CDC guidelines, it’s unsurprising that a new office chair is in everyone’s shopping cart. Because we are partnered with The HON Company, our selection of office chairs includes antimicrobial surfaces and cleanable fabrics. Though we love Hon’s virtual showroom, we also offer showrooms across the state of Ohio where your team can peruse and test the best options in a safe, clean commercial office space.  See all of our office locations, here.

7. Phone Chargers 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels bad for their cellphone battery. Having to stop and charge it all the time from constant use can be a pain. Since my phone happens to be an older model, the battery has seen better days. But with these new wireless phone charging adapters, you’re not tied to the wall anymore. Whenever you go to set down your phone, whether it be at your desk, by the couch, or in your kitchen, laying on the wireless charging pad is a no brainer. Plus, maybe you’ll remember where you put your phone.

8. Team Shirts

Many companies are showing support for their employees by getting team shirts! It’s not a crazy expensive gesture and it works as another way to bring your people together. Everyone loves company swag! FriendsOffice’s Custom Print and Promotional Product selection includes customizable shirts and we offer a team of graphic designers who can bring your ideas to life.

9. Sticky Note Divider Tabs

We can promise you, if you have not known about these sticky note divider tabs before and you have a desk, a journal, a purse, or a giant to-do list, you’re going to be so happy we pointed these out to you! They are magic!

10. Calendars

The last product that made our popularity list are calendars. Did you laugh out loud when you read that?  Because COVID-19 hit and all of the calendars we chronic-planners diligently filled in went to the wayside? Luckily for us, we still have 2020 calendars in-stock and it’s not too late to start again.  Many of our teams are doing so. Maybe we cannot push “restart” on this year, but you can restart with a clean, fresh calendar.

Bonus: The Most Popular Office Appliance

Unsurprisingly, Keurig brewers and varieties of k-cups and coffee accessories are flying out the door, once again! These office and breakroom appliances offer nearly the lowest number of touch-points in office coffee, the most individualized selection in office coffee varieties, and they are truly a sanitary choice with their sealed pods.

What were we most surprised wasn’t in our top ten most popular searches? Face masks! And, we’ve got ‘em!

Our Top 10 Most Popular Products of 2020 will continue to fluctuate as this crazy year continues, but one thing is for sure: if you have a Friend by your side we promise you that you’ll be prepared for every challenge your office may face be it cleaning and disinfecting supplies or barrier assisting office furnishings and even office signage solutions to help enforce CDC guidelines. Or, shop from this popular list of products our customers are searching and make a big impact in the morale of your teams. We care about you and hope to help in any way we can!

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