March Product Highlight: 3 Layer Face Masks

Product of the Month

What a great month March has been! It’s been extra fun here at FriendsOffice because we just got our custom print job in. We ordered a couple of 3 Layer Face Masks for each of our employees. Now that we finally have them passed out, it only makes sense to do a review of them!

All About the Product

The 3 Layer Face Masks are adjustable, have a filter pocket, and a wire nose piece for adjustments. They come in colors: White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Teal.

The masks are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, with a little bit of metal at the bridge of the nose. The imprint method that these masks use is full color heat transfer, or you may leave them unimprinted.

The company description of this masks is listed as;

Advertise your brand with our 3 Layer Face Mask with Filter pocket & Adjustable ear loop! Comes with Nose Bridge, Filter pocket and optional filter at the low additional cost. These essential hygiene safety products are made of Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex Fabric designed to protect you from dust, germs, and infectious disease. With Full-Color edge-to-edge Imprint, this cotton reusable mask with head straps is ideal for maximum brand exposure. With Filter pocket and Elastic dual Head Strap, this durable product is perfect for long-term outdoor use. Order these popular adjustable face masks today and market your brand like never before!

Safety 1st

My Thoughts on This Product

As the person who gets to put together the proofs for our Print and Promotional department, I was really excited to get to do our own designs! We had previously quoted, ordered, and delivered these same masks for a national tire distribution company. The feedback we got from our customer was what really helped us make our decision to order them for our own employees. They mentioned how they were great in that they were light-weight, adjustable, and great quality for the price they paid. After sharing this great testimonial with us, our CEO wanted to join in on the great look for the great value.

We ordered got the design in and got the masks ordered pretty quickly. After that it was just a week or two before we received them! The wait time wasn’t bad at all! They came sealed in plastic and were each individually wrapped, which made distribution really easy. So far we have had no complaints about the fit and finish or the quality of the masks. That counts as a win in my books. Plus, seeing everyone wearing them around work has been very enjoyable.

Personally, I have found the masks to be quite pleasant. As the weather starts to warm up and the pandemic continues to trudge on, this breathable mask is perfect! I like the option to add in a filter, especially since I have some at home. But of all the little perks of this particular mask, I love that metal nose piece keeps my mask in place the most! Not having to worry about my mask moving around and lifting up into my eyes is a luxury I didn’t know I would appreciate so much.


Overall, It really is a good mask for the price. I am sure that there could be aspects of it done in a better way, but they look nice and don’t break the bank. There isn’t much more you could ask for.


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