FriendsOffice Mantras: Words to Live By

FriendsOffice Mantras Series

Everyone has a set of mantras that they follow to get them through life. The standards that we follow here at FriendsOffice can seem a little straightforward. However, for us they create a warm and open work environment where we can encourage all to succeed. Our mantras are;

With these mantras, we remind ourselves as individuals and as a company, the types of people we want to be and the types of people we want to see in the world. At FriendsOffice, we maintain the “Friends Effect” as a company culture and philosophy. This garners the positive interaction between employees and customers. Our goal as a company is to put people before products. To establish an air of respect and friendship that in turn allows us to maintain our core values.

In this thirteen part blog series, we will cover each and every one of our mantras and the benefits to having these principles in our lives everyday. 

For a clear definition of what a mantra is, click the link to visit the Merriam-Webster site.

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