Keeping the Good Vibes: What to Remember

The Importance of Understanding

Our worldwide pandemic has left most of us feeling like we’re in a time vortex. I don’t think any of us had it in our minds that we would have survive a quarantine, wish there was toilet paper to buy at the grocery store, or don our new face masks as fashionable accessories when filling in our 2020 Planners. The list of oddities feels like it could go on forever and keeping the good vibes seems impossible given our circumstances. But, if there’s anything this time in a global pandemic has taught me, it’s the following:

  1. None of us knows what the other is going through
  2. Don’t sweat the petty things
  3. Time is extremely finite
  4. Being together with Friends and family is the most important thing

Everyone is Different

Processing something as significant as a pandemic is hard on every type of person. And, the hardest part is that everyone is dealing with it in their own way. Some have coped with the changes and are just living their lives as close to normal as possible. No worries, right? Others struggle to get through the days, feeling less productive with every week that passes. It can feel like a shadow following you around, creating stress where you thought you couldn’t possibly fit any more tension in your life.

We work with teachers who may be attempting to prepare their classrooms for back-to-school under guidelines of their administrations, or they’re honing in on what virtual learning may mean for them and their students. Do they still work on classroom motivation with positive vibes bulletin board decorations? How do they still offer individualized opportunities for students or maximize their learning environments?

Good Vibes Only

One of the hardest things to remember in all of this is to stay in good spirits. It’s really easy to fall into the pessimistic mind set and forget to treat all neighbors well. Ask yourself, is it really worthwhile to sweat the little things? Getting upset about long lines, late packages, outspoken people, and just focusing on the negative is a waste of energy and potentially harms the morale of those around you in the process. We feel good vibes only should be everyone’s daily mantra, this year.

We cannot control that we’re all in the midst of a pandemic. What we can control is how we behave and how we treat others. So, when you’re standing in line at the start of your work-day waiting to have your temperature checked, use that time to smile behind your mask – for yourself, and for others! We promise, your positive energy can be felt!

Don’t Waste Time

Time seems a little more precious, as of late. Many events are being cancelled and we aren’t able to always spend our time as we want to. But time is finite and we aren’t getting any more of it; we can’t turn back the clock.

You can look at everything going on and decide that these times are bad and let them control you, or you can choose to look at things from a different perspective and in a way that will help others. Maybe you decide to find time to watch YouTube videos that teach you how to fix up your home, or maybe you focus on your growth, training, and professional development by signing up for virtual seminars.  Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, we won’t get this time back. Make the most of it!

What’s Most Important

Can we all agree, the most important thing in the world is family and friends? Whether the people you consider your family are predetermined or hand picked, spending time with them so that you feel close and connected is something you can find joy in even during the darkest of days. If all you can manage is a phone call, then make that your thing, consistently. For us, the people we work with every day feel like family. We are fortunate to have each of our team members throughout this challenging time – some of us have worked together for over 20 years!

We hope you use technology and beautiful summer days to stay connected and stay focused. We’ll make it to the end, sooner or later. Just remember to keep the good vibes!


This post was strongly inspired by the CDC article ” Coping with Stress.”

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