July Product Highlight: C-Line Homework Connector Folder

Product of the Month

Everyone loves a good product review. How else would we know what’s safe to buy? Each month, I will be writing a product review for one of our FriendsOffice products. This month, I have been using the C-Line Homework Connector Folder.

All About The Product

The Homework Connector Folder is a C-Line Products, Inc. piece that can be found on our FriendsOffice website. This product comes in black or red. The Homework Connector Folder is not antimicrobial. However, C-Line is looking into what items they can convert. They are in the early stages of production, so it could be a while before they can provide us with any updates. The Homework Connector Folder description is as follows;

  • Super heavyweight construction securely holds workbooks and homework
  • Clear pockets keep covers of workbooks visible for quick reference
  • Reinforced stitched edging ensures long-lasting organization
  • Hook-and-loop closure provides easy access to contents

C-Line Products, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of plastic storage, identification and organization items and a well-known name in the office products industry. C-Line’s many product offerings include sheet protectors, name badges and holders, shop ticket holders, expanding files, report covers and project folders, poly and paper portfolios, binders and binder accessories, laminating film, media storage products, photo holders, office accessories, transparency film and more.

My Thoughts on This Folder

The Homework Connector Folder is a very interesting product. Like most products, there were good qualities and poor qualities to this folder. I ultimately enjoyed using the Homework Connector Folder. I wasn’t sure if I would like having all of my documents visible with the folder being made up of clear plastic. Being able to have everything securely tucked into the pockets and not having to open anything to take a glance at my papers was great.

The Connector Folder is easy to clean with an antibacterial spray or wipe. It keeps moisture from my documents, allows space for my flash drive in the shorter pocket at the front of the folder, and stores paperwork in an organized manner. I love the width of the center  binding! It allowed me to loosely tuck thicker objects into my folder. With everything secured between the plastic sleeves, I was able to just grab and go whenever I had to leave.

The only thing that bothered me a little bit was the lack of structure. The folder can be easily bent in half, causing wrinkles and instability. I was able to find a solution to my problem fairly easy. All I had to do was put a notebook in the pockets on either side. The pockets are deep enough that adding notebooks took up no significant room. Personally, I like having multiple notebooks for meetings and they stiffened the folder the way I had intended.


Overall, the Homework Connector Folder is a really fun tool. It has done well for me in the office setting, it would do well in a classroom setting, and would even do well in a home office setting. It’s versatile and unique in a way that will have me using it long after this product review.


C-Line Products, Inc. does offer a few antimicrobial items that are available for purchase today, they are as follows; Sheet Protectors, Cleer Adheer- Cold Lamination, and Project Folders. For more C-Line products, checkout our FriendsOffice Website. 

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