January Product Highlight: Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad

Product of the Month

We are starting the new year with a super fun product review! Bringing organization, creativity, and space saving qualities to your desk, this product is the perfect addition to your desk. Each month I review a a product from our FriendsOffice website and share all of its ins and outs! For the month of January, I reviewed the The Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad.

All About the Product

The Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad a glass writing surface that comes in 3 color options; black ,white, and patterned. It is 6″ (0.5 ft) Width x 18″ (1.5 ft) Height horizontal rectangle that fits perfectly on a desktop.

The product description listed for the The Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad is as follows;

  • Compact size maximizes your work area
  • Angled construction allows comfortable handwriting
  • Nonabsorbent glass will not stain or ghost to maintain clarity
  • Durable surface provides long-term performance
  • Pull-out drawer keeps your work space neat and tidy

Quartet Manufacturing was established in 1954. The Quartet brand has become the premier provider for all things whiteboard, bulletin and chalkboard products. In 2005, ACCO Brands acquired the company and has continued to build on Quartet’s history of innovation and superior quality. They strive to bring their customers the best office products by expanding its selection of dry-erase, glass boards and whiteboards for creative, corporate and education audiences. 

My Thoughts on This Product

This month I relied on the help of my amazing coworkers to help me review the Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pads. They each have a computer pad, but one of them is white while the other has the black pad. This was able to give me a well-rounded view on the product from all angles.

My coworker, Alicia, has the black model of glass pad. The feedback I got from her about was really helpful. She said, “My black one is great to look sleek with my black desk accessories and monitors. I do love how the neon chalk markers are bright against the black glass board.” When I asked her about the storage capabilities, she said, “The hidden drawer is a nice feature to store the markers and other small desk items.”

With all the nice things she had to say, her cons list was very insightful! She mentioned that you HAVE to use chalk markers! With the white glass pads, they have the ability to use expo markers on them. Expos tend to be more accessible and don’t dry out as fast as chalk markers. Alicia explained that the “chalk dust shows up on the black glass board more…similar to computer monitors.”

Heather, my other coworker, has the white glass pad. She had plenty of nice things to say about her pad! “Like Alicia said, you can use the dry erase markers on these (white glass pads). I usually keep two different colored ones handy to make notes depending on what needs done first.” Heather is one of our fabulous Customer Service Representatives, so she has found a use for this product in her every day tasks.

“It is so handy to have in front of me when taking calls. Easy to jot down what I need to and NOT waste a ton of paper with post its. The white blends well into any cubicle space and the design is slim so it slides up under my monitor and out of the way.  While still staying conveniently available.”

Heather F., FriendsOffice Customer Service Representative

She also added, “I do love the little drawer underneath, stores my dry erase markers really well.” With so many nice things to say, the only negative she had to add was that she, sometimes bumps it and accidentally erases things before she meant to.


Overall, they both really enjoy their Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pads. They have their pros and cons based on which style you choose, but the consensus seems to be a more positive one. Just based on their testimonials, I am planning on adding one to my own workspace!


Placing an order with FriendsOffice soon? Check out all of the easy to shop products from Quartet!

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