How We Support Our Friends Through Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month and even though it’s importance exceeds a month, we feel it’s critical to be vocal while it’s in the spotlight! So this October we want to share how we support our friends through Breast Cancer Awareness.

BCA at FriendsOffice

We’ve had many employees or their family members impacted by breast cancer and other forms of cancer, so supporting BCA and cancer organizations is very near and dear to us,” says Ashley Barger, Director of Communications. Being able to help those organizations from a work perspective is one of the things that makes work feel fulfilling.

Specifically, we have rallied around individual employees and coworkers throughout their diagnosis or as they’ve been caretakers to their family members. Unfortunately, we’ve had to do so more than once. Fortunately, we work in a family environment and we have supported one another.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be realistic about the world we live in. There are things that we simply cannot change, however, with enough knowledge and education we can fight for a cure. “It’s not something that is going away anytime soon, and we need people actively researching cures,” adds Ken Schroeder, CEO/CFO. “We’ve financially supported the City of Hope for over a decade and many of our manufacturer partners donate product sales towards the cause.” There are plenty of ways for businesses to help and this is how FriendsOffice does their part!

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Volunteer: For many people, the best kind of involvement is to get out there and volunteer. Going out and seeing the good you helped create is fuel for our collective community members to rise up and help where they can, too. Interacting with people and seeing first hand the amount of good a single person can make is not only what drives us as volunteers, but can also spark joy in the hearts of those effected. Volunteering is what makes support organizations work, and really all it costs you is your time!
  • Donate: Donating to any worthy cause is truly the best step to take when getting involved. Locally, we’ve chosen to financially support Cancer Patient Services. Nationally, we’ve chosen City of Hope. Some may support Susan G. Komen. Whether it’s your time or money, every little bit helps. But for those who tend to be strapped for time, monetary donations are a great way to help! Financial help is what makes it possible for organizations to do research and provide care to those who need it! And when it all goes to a good cause, why not donate?
  • Participate: I personally grew up participating every year in the Relay for Life challenge for the American Cancer Society. My mom helped run the event, while I got to run around a track in the dark and sleep in a tent. I didn’t fully understand what we were there for when I was little, but the time I spent there as left me with long lasting memories that I will always cherish. Participating when I was younger helped me to appreciate it more as an adult. It doesn’t matter what you age is or what drives you to participate, your actions speak clearer than any words ever could.


To support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, shop for participating supplies on For more on Breast Cancer Awareness, check out the CDC’s Breast Cancer Awareness Feature.

To learn more about City of Hope and the services they provide, check out their website at

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