Greener Pastures at Work

What are Greener Pastures@Work?

One of the hardest parts about striving for something better is knowing when you’ve reached that place, in a work sense. When do you know whether you have found the place at work that makes you happy?

The Importance of Patience

There is a phrase that I heard a lot while growing up. My Dad used to always tell me that, “patience is a virtue.” I don’t think I ever really knew what he meant by that, just that I needed to be patient. Now that I’m a young adult, I know that it is meant to be a behavior showing a high moral standard. Whether I have completely grasped the importance of his words, I know that I can 100% agree with him that patience is important in every facet of life.

Having patience at work is something that tends to ware thin at certain points throughout any given job. It’s important to understand the relevance of the things that you have the power to change and the things that you do not. Once you recognize what things are out of your hands, it’s easier to keep your cool. Focus on what you have the power to change and don’t let others have power over how you feel. “Your day is what you make it,” is another piece of wisdom my Dad has left with me. Do what you can and choose to be happy.

While it’s easy to refocus your energy from things that frustrate you to people that frustrate you, it’s important that you remember: you never know what others are going through inside or outside of work. This does not count as an excuse for poor behavior or bad work ethic, however, everyone deserves the same level of kindness and respect as you would want put forth for yourself. Who knows? The situations could be switched someday. While you’re going through something difficult, the people around you could be, too. If everyone is striving to be nice to others no matter what is happening inside or outside of work, everyone can feel supported and safe on the job.

Tips and Tricks to Power Through

  • Put in Headphones: My best work friends are my headphones. They help me focus, they help me block out the chatter in shared office spaces, and they help me stay upbeat. When I’m working on a graphic I can listen to music with a good beat and fun sound, and when I work on writing I can listen to piano music. Whatever I feel the need for, my headphones can deliver. If you’re worried about not being aware of your surroundings, try putting in just one earbud! That way you can hear when you might be needed but can focus when you’re not.
  • Find Your Balance: Knowing how to stand up for yourself and where the line is that takes it too far is tricky. Even though we all try to be our best at work, sometimes the overall space at work can feel heavy. Nothing has to be wrong for this feeling to set in, but knowing which battles to fight and which ones to walk away from is an important skill. Sometimes things just happen and it’s no one’s fault. Just try your best to keep your ducks in a row while everyone else does the same. Worry about yourself and you’ll never overstep.
  • Get Creative: If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to start problem solving. Something that works for me when I feel stationary is to grab my laptop and change my environment. Even if it’s just rotating my chair to face the brighter side of my desk, it helps me move forward. Start to think critically about what things motivate you and then try to incorporate those things into your day!


Sometimes the thing keeping us from moving forward into greener pastures is not knowing how to cope with changes going on around you. Check out our blog post, “Saying Goodbye and Dealing with Change,” for tips and tricks!

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