Green Initiatives

At FriendsOffice, we care about the environment and think that companies can always do more to help the planet. Going green is a common phrase that is often mentioned, and many businesses should be commended for their thoughtfulness to become more eco-friendly.

We’ve already been going green for years, with programs in place that have helped conserve energy and eliminate waste on a daily basis. But, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint even more, becoming a company that is truly carbon neutral.

What does this mean for our customers?
Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing business with a company that cares about the environment, as well as its reputation in the national marketplace. If we can be an industry leader in the green movement, perhaps we can encourage our customers to do the same.

Here are some of the programs and green initiatives already in place:

Toner Recycling Program:
Many of our customers are already aware of our toner recycling program. Last year alone, we recycled over 4,000 pounds of toner for our customers. That’s 15 pounds of toner cartridges per business day!

Paper, Cardboard, and Catalogs:
Being in the office supply business, we ship a lot of paper, cardboard, and catalogs. But, we also realized that we were using too much of it in our own offices. We decided to start recycling any access materials that we could. On average, we now recycle well over 5,000 pounds of excess paper, cardboard, and catalogs each and every year.

Energy Efficient Lighting:
One of the most overlooked ways in which an office building can become more energy conscious is lighting. By switching to energy efficient light bulbs, a company can see a significant decrease in the amount of energy needed to run a facility on a daily basis. Being more cost-effective is surely an added bonus, and with LED bulbs that last longer as well, it just makes sense to switch.

Electronic Invoices:
The internet has changed the way in which people shop for products, both at work and from the comfort of their own homes. In the past, if a customer needed any sort of documentation such as an invoice or purchase order, it was all done on paper and shipped out. This not only caused more paper use, but also required more time on the road. This was actually one of the first changes FriendsOffice™ implemented in the effort to go green, and has also been one of our most consistently lauded programs that we see in our green movement. By simply emailing our customers directly with any requested paperwork, we’ve reduced the amount of our paper use by more than 60%. Customers can still receive hard copies at any time.

3-Day Shipping:
After doing some research, we found out that by parking our supply trucks twice a week, we can reduce CO2 emissions by over 900 pounds per week. That’s over 46,800 pounds per year! This also allows us to keep our costs down, which enables us to give our customers the best possible pricing.

How does 3-Day Shipping impact our customers?
Shipping is still free (some exceptions apply) and fast, but we’ll only be delivering on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
*Please note: In the event you place an order on Friday and absolutely need it delivered on the following Monday, you will still have the option to choose Monday priority delivery at checkout.

So why are we doing all this now?
Our goal is to become the standard bearer for all other office supply companies to follow. Why are we doing all this? Simple…because it’s worth it!

Contact us to learn more or to find out how you can start helping your office become more carbon neutral!

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