Good vs Bad Habits: The Power of Self-Mastery

Why It Matters

“There’s always room to be a better person. Always.” Sonya Teclai

There are plenty of reasons to focus on yourself, but the most important reason is that you do it for you. If you decide that the person you are is good enough, you stop growing. What if you take the time to recognize the things you like about yourself and also the things you may struggle with? Choosing to look at your habits and your character is the first step to self-mastery. After that, it’s just working hard to create habits that uphold your character and finding ways to continue them for the foreseeable future.

As you work on mastering yourself, you’ll be surprised how it effects the people around you. When you work to make yourself better, you can give more of yourself, your time, and your resources to the things you do and to those around you. You can be more clear and direct; more focused and streamlined. You live out who you are with every action and through every decision you make, so shouldn’t you be putting out the best you have?

Something to Remember

You are responsible for the energy you bring into a space. How you effect others and understanding how your presence makes others feel is a great practice to have. It’s possible to be unapologetically yourself and still be respectful of others feelings. It just isn’t always the easiest to maintain. Bringing your best and seeing the positive effects of your mindset can help you. It can be surprising how a simple change in your thoughts can change your perspective.

Tips & Tricks for Self-Mastery

  • Keep a Journal: Keeping a traditional journal is something that I have never been able to do, successfully. I’m not great at writing out the things I need to be better and scheduling in a timeframe when I make entries. What I have found helpful is a bullet journal. Because there was no structure to it and I had complete creative freedom to set it up my way, I feel more invested in keeping track of my habits.
  • Write It Down: Whatever you do, write it down. Put it on a single sheet of paper, make a list on a pad of paper, anything to help you remember the things that you do out of habit.
  • Repeat It: If you’re trying to instill a good habit into your daily routine, try repeating it as much as you can. My morning routine looks like, “keys, wallet, purse, water, good!” I do it every morning and everyday before I leave work. It can seem silly and look even crazier as I pat myself down, but it helps me remember all of my stuff. If its on my person, there’s no excuse to not utilize it.
  • Reward Yourself: Don’t push yourself to exhaustion trying to be a better you. Self-mastery is acknowledging your progress and allowing yourself praise. Being kind to yourself is a great habit to have. When your internal monologue is as nice as your external, there’s no room for negativity.
  • Make Time: This tip tends to be the one that got away. Making time for yourself is essential for improving your habits. Allow yourself time to recover from hard days. Even if you only do one nice thing for yourself a day, you’ll be better off in the long run.

Other Sources

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