At FriendsOffice, we have everything for educators and students in the classroom!

It’s safe to say the last few months of the 2019-2020 school year have been difficult. With the threat of COVID-19 diverting teachers and students into a new normal, there has been no better example of going the extra distance than American educators!

We’re fully prepared to supply your schools and classrooms for whenever the students are given the okay to return. We are optimistic that things will turn around in the fall, and we have social distancing solutions that can help any school be more safe.

Multi-functional 21st Century Learning Spaces

FriendsOffice can design a learning space for any space. In addition to serving some of the largest school districts in Ohio with classroom essentials like pencils, notebooks, dry erase markers, glue, and tape, we also staff a full design and installation team that bring any space to life.

Check out some of our furniture projects here.

Our scope of work includes projects inside preschools, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, special education buildings, and vocational schools.

A big part of teaching involves audio/visual elements, and now more than ever, interactive e-learning. FriendsOffice can create a space that can cater to both needs.

Think beyond the classroom..

We love designing all spaces, including libraries, learning centers, student unions, teacher’s lounges and anywhere else in your building you feel needs a face lift!


At FriendsOffice, we love to reward innovative teaching endeavors. With our WRITE grant program, we reward more than $1500 in school supplies teachers’ classrooms each year! Learn more.

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