How to Eat Healthy at Work and Why It’s Important

FriendsOffice Mantras Series

FriendsOffice encourages a healthy wellbeing of their employees. With water and tea readily available, the office is “#betterwithfriends.” One of our many mantras here at FriendsOffice is that we make a point to “Eat Healthy.” Filling the body with the right kind of nutrients effects the largest parts of our lives.

Benefits for All

Eating Healthy can cause more energy at work and at home. When good food is put into the body, it fuels more great habits. Having enough energy to clean, to work out, or to spend time with loved ones can have positive effects on countless aspects of life.

It sounds simple, but the biggest reason to eat better is that it feels good. Allowing the body to process foods like fruits and vegetables keeps it running clean and healthy. When it doesn’t have to manage fats and sugars,  the body can function more efficiently.

It’s no surprise that eating healthier can provide more confidence. “You are what you eat,” isn’t just something that adults say to justify feeling crumby. Eating better causes incredibly visible changes in the body and has a direct line to confidence levels.

Tips and Tricks to Eat Healthy

  • Meal Prep:   Finding and taking the time to meal prep sounds daunting. However, it can take as little as thirty minutes to prepare lunches for the entire week. By getting some nice packing containers and carving out an hour at the beginning of the week, starting the work week and making it to the end does not have to be filled with junk food.
  • Snacking:   Taking little breaks to snack or even eating at your desk is a great way to reduce lunch portions. Eating an apple an hour before lunch can help tide over cravings and lend energy until its mealtime.
  • Drinking Water:   A good way to fill up without eating out of boredom is to drink water. Drinking water is great if over snacking is a big problem in the office.
  • Pre-Packing:   If mornings just don’t go the way they’re planned, packing a lunchtime night before is the perfect solution. Portioning out veggies and getting a water bottle together add up to things that are already done!
  • Goal Setting:   Don’t let your goals for eating healthy make you sick. It is possible to be too strict when starting to eat better. Start small and build up better eating habits as they become easier.


Just like Eating Healthy is important, getting out from behind the desk and exercising is too! For another article like this one, click the link to visit How Daily Exercise Can Help Your Career.

This post was strongly inspired by the StandDesk article, “6 DRAMATIC BUSINESS BENEFITS OF HEALTHY EMPLOYEES.”

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