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Kyocera Copiers - Authorized Dealer

Multi-function printers (MFPs) are essential to any workplace. Having the ability to print, scan, copy, fax, and email documents from one machine is something that both small and large offices can, and should, benefit from.

If set up and maintained properly, MFPs can improve the workflow of an entire office, while also decreasing the amount of money spent on traditional printing.

3 Tier Color

Finally, a solution that revolutionizes the way you pay for color printing. FriendsOffice puts you in control by defining your color usage levels, based on your documents. So, you only pay for the actual color use use!


Simple color includes basic documents that may include one, small area of color, such as a company logo on letterhead with monochrome correspondence.


Business color includes documents with slightly more color and graphics than simple color. An example would be a report that contains charts and graphs with text (medium coverage).


Creative color includes any documents that are predominately color-rich collateral, such as brochures, presentations, and other high coverage pieces that include multiple color swatches and/or photography.

Laserfiche Authorized Reseller

Laserfiche was founded on the idea that we could help the world work smarter. The technology evolves constantly, but the vision endures. At its core, Laserfiche is about empowering people to do more of the work that matters.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables organizations to save time and money by efficiently managing documents and information. Through the use of robust back-end technology, it allows structured information to be easily defined and shared across multiple departments or teams.

According to MarketsAndMarkets, the market size of ECM is expected to grow from $24 Billion in 2015 to $59 Billion by 2020.

ECM helps organizations digitize documents and automate document-driven processes, allowing the right people to access the right information at the right time. In particular, these processes include:

  • Instant Document Capture
  • Automation of Business Processes
  • Secure Document Storage
  • Granular Document Security
  • Full-Text Search and Retrieval
  • Digitally Capture, Route and Approve Forms

Full Service Technicians (8am - 5pm)


At FriendsOffice, we always put people before products. We pride ourselves in our superior customer service, and one of the ways we do that is by offering a full service technician department dedicated to our copier division clients.

We will never send a third-party technician to your facility. If you have an issue with any machine from FriendsOffice, our own dedicated team of tech professionals will visit your building the same day to fix the problem...the FriendsOffice way!

We have multiple locations across the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania, which means we have the capability to serve a vast array of customers throughout multiple regions.

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