December Product Highlight: Post-it ® Notes Original Lined Notepads

Product of the Month

Going into the new year can be stressful. That is, if you’re not ready to stay organized! Everyone month I review a different office product and give my full and honest opinion on it! For the month of December, I reviewed the Post-it ® Notes Original Lined Notepads – Cape Town Color Collection.

All About the Product

This month’s product highlight features 3M’s Post-it ® Notes Original Notepads, Cape Town Color Collection. They come in a total quantity of 150 sheets per pack, 50 sheets per pad, and measure out to be a 3″ x 3″ square. The notepads are unruled but lined for easy note taking. Like most Post-it products, the pack of 3 notepads come in assorted colors. The notepads are traditionally reposition-able, self-adhesive paper writing pads, as their reputation precedes them.

The technical description for the Post-it® Notes Original Notepads is as follows;

  • Cape Town Collection; Ruled
  • Perfect for keeping your thoughts in-sync
  • Emotive colors draw upon the food, art and culture of India
  • 50 Sheets/Pad; 3 Pads/Pack
  • Post-it Notes are recyclable

There isn’t a quick and easy way to describe what industries 3M plays a part in. They are incredibly active as a company, covering industries such as Health Care, Manufacturing, Safety, Automotive Electronics, Energy, Commercial Solutions, Transportation, Design and Construction, Consumer, and Government. A company who can do all of that definitely needs some muscle behind them! The brands they house include Post-it Brands, Scotch Brands, Scotch-Brite Brands, Scotch Painter’s Tape, Nexcare Brands, Filtrete Brands, and Command Brands. The company as a whole tends to focus on science and pits most of its energy into keeping the wheels of progress moving forward.

My Thoughts on This Product

As my pad of this particular kind of Post-it® Notes dwindles down to a skinny stack, I think it is fair to say that I have enjoyed using this product. Truthfully, I have replaced most of my other notepads with these Post-it® Notes, just out of convenience.

My number one favorite thing about these Post-it® Notes is the fact that they are ruled! The lines make it easier for me to organize my thoughts and keep them looking neat. They’re big enough that I can fit full lists and thoughts on them. This also makes them easier to read when I put them up at my desk. The notepads also have a great amount of adhesive to the backs. I can stick them just about anywhere with full confidence that they’ll stay until I need to move them myself.

I can’t think of anything that I would change about the Post-it® Notes Original Notepads. They do everything I need them to and then some. So if the basic Post-it® Notes don’t feel like they are serving you in all the right ways, I strongly encourage looking at all the different products Post-it® has to offer. There’s something for everyone!


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