How Daily Exercise Can Help Your Career

FriendsOffice Mantras Series

FriendsOffice believes in the wellbeing of their employees makes everything “#betterwithfriends.”  The next mantra that FriendsOffice makes a point to follow is to “Exercise Daily.” Working out can be the one thing that feels like it can’t be fit into the schedule, but it can actually improve your day in surprising ways.

Benefits of Daily Exercise

Exercising daily is known to boost creativity. Being in a slump is one of the most frustrating things and the fact that they can last for hours or even days can be draining.  Getting up and moving a little bit has the effect of heightening alertness, letting new ideas present themselves.

Another aspect of exercising is that it helps with focus and the ability to think clearly. Its easy to become sluggish in movement and in thinking when sitting in the same spot for hours on end is the daily norm. Adding a few exercises to the roster of the things to do can refresh the body and help pump put new ideas.

The most clear and obvious benefit to exercising daily is that it just feels good. Doing just a little bit more than before can make a world of difference. Things like headaches, back pain, hip pain, and exhaustion can all be eliminated with exercising.

Tips and Tricks for Getting in Some Exercise at Work

  • Stretch:   Stretching can be the easiest and simplest way to get moving. It doesn’t take any time away from work, but allows for deeper breaths and better focus.
  • Take a Walk:   Try to get a walk in during your lunch hour! Whether the walk is alone or with a friend, taking some time during a scheduled break to move can help refocus when it’s time to get back to work.
  • Put Together a Group:   Some companies host workout sessions after work, don’t be afraid to join in! If there isn’t a program in place, see if anyone would be interested in one! Getting together and exercising with friends can not only help an individual, but the company as a whole.
  • Walk to Work:   It isn’t always feasible to walk to work, but if it is, then why not give it a try? Not only does it allow a chance to exercise before the day even starts, but could also save on gas! Saving money and getting fit, who doesn’t want that?
  • Take a Break:   Take some time to step away from the computer screen and get moving. Whether it’s a trip to the bathroom, a coffee break, or an opportunity to empty the trash; all that matters is getting up and exercising a little bit.


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This post was strongly inspired by the CIPHER article, “Four ways exercise benefits you at work.”

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