Product Availability Related to COVID-19

For the most real-time updates, you can attempt to place orders on our online ordering site. The system will notify you if the item is out of stock. If you receive this notification we will be unable to fulfill that item.

We understand that the products we provide are important products in running your business and meeting the needs of the people you serve. To ensure as minimal disruption as possible, we have been continually monitoring the availability of these products in our inventory, with our wholesales and manufacturing partners. Additionally, many manufacturers are prioritizing replenishment towards the healthcare industry to ensure they are best equipped to provide care to those affected.

Our team is working diligently to identify any products in our offering that may be affected and identifying domestically sourced alternatives that may be available. If you have any large or critical orders you anticipate needing in the coming months, we encourage you to place your orders as soon as possible and also review potential alternatives available with your Account Executive.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to monitor and address this situation.

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