Collaborative workspaces, height-adjustable desks among top office trends

from the Dayton Journal
Collaborative furnishings and ergonomic options are on the rise, with FriendsOffice seeing these demands through new partnerships.

The company has been met with a steady influx of renovations from clients from May through August of this year, working on new healthcare facilities, banks and manufacturing companies. Ashley Barger, spokesperson for FriendsOffice, noted sit-stand units, furniture with appropriate matting, wrist-pads, back supports and foot adjustments are popular accessories commonly seen in office furniture.

From the company’s perspective, commercial office furnishings are up year over year in growth overall. This trend is due to organizations placing a higher value on the way they design their spaces.

“Organizations of all sizes are placing a higher importance on matching their company vision and mission statements with the way they design their office spaces,” Barger said. “They are branding their interiors and seeing the impact it has on their company culture and their own organizational growth.”

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