How to Be Happy While at Work

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It’s not a secret that most people want to “Be Happy” at work.  At FriendsOffice, we are hopeful that our efforts are working to ensure our employees are feeling appreciated, fulfilled, happy, and #betteratFriends.

It’s possible that being happy at work, regardless of circumstances, is subjective. Dare we say, the secret to happiness at work lies in your individual choice to be happy every day. And, this is a day-by-day decision.

Tips and Tricks to Being Happy @Work

  • Start the Day Right:   Starting the day off right is not by chance. When you’re met with challenge-after-challenge, it can feel like the world is against you! But you may ask yourself: Did you start with a list of your goals for the day? Did you hit snooze repeatedly or did you stick to the plan and get out of bed with your alarm? Before you began your day, did you take in some deep breaths?  Focusing-in on your intentions before actually starting work for the day can help with the positive vibes.
  • Count:   The time old trick of counting to ten when hurt feelings start to arise can be a saving grace. It may sound silly, but just like meditation, counting to ten helps refocus and re-center the mind and body. It also gives your cognitive thoughts time to catch-up with your feelings so you can readjust how you react.
  • Talk to Someone:   Happy energy is contagious. Taking a few minutes to talk to peers around the office about what is going well creates an opportunity to boost everyone’s mood and allows for bonding or collaboration.
  • Pause for Recognition:   Don’t forget to give recognition! Self-recognition is a healthy way to celebrate accomplishments and goals. Getting that pat on the back, even if it’s just an inward interaction, can completely change the energy of the day. How do you accomplish this? Cross-off your action-items on your daily to-do list!
  • Right State of Mind:   “Your day is what you make it,” is one of the most important guideposts in taking ownership of your day. Deciding to be happy can be hard given all of life’s inevitable setbacks, but at the end of the day we each get this one life and it is only ever what we make of it. As Eleanor Roosevelt put it, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Stand strong and choose to be happy!

Choosing to Be Happy

Choosing to be happy can sound a little harsh, especially for those who struggle with mental and physical illnesses. Some days just feel like they have no hope. However, sometimes it’s easier to put things in perspective and compare small situations to other events that have been much worse.

Last fall, we all rallied around one of our owners. At the onset of his journey through cancer, he sent an email to All Employees sharing one of our favorite Jay Shetty quotes:

There are friends and then is family… and then there’s friends who become family.

He chose to focus on the support he was receiving instead of his diagnosis or looming surgery. We chose to focus on a hopeful outcome and rely on the great team of medical professionals who would be taking care of him. Thankfully, he has since recovered.

Thinking back to one of your hardest moments, taking a deep breath, and realizing that today is not the end of the world can be grounding. Knowing that things have been worse or can be worse lends an appreciation for life.

It’s easier to be happy and smile when looking at a healed battle scar.


Reading more has endless benefits, one of them being it can make you happier. For more information like this, click the link to visit How to Read More and Improve at Work.

This post was strongly inspired by the Happier article, “5 scientifically proven ways to be happier at work.”

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