August Product Highlight: Blue Sky Calendar and Planner

Product of the Month

No one likes it when they go to purchase something online and there aren’t any reviews to help you make a decision. That’s what we’re here for! Each month, I write a product review for one of our FriendsOffice products. This August, I have been using the Blue Sky Calendars and Planners.

All About The Product

Blue Sky Calendars and Planners follow the Julian Dating style. They run from month to month over the course of a full year, January 2021 until December 2021. The calendar sizes tend to vary based on the style desired, while planners are 8″ x 10″ sheet size. Both calendar and planner have twin wire and bleed resistant paper. There is space for your appointment schedules, an area for notes, and a pocket for storage in the planners.

This particular Blue Sky calendar description is as follows;

  • Beautiful design will spruce up any wall or work space
  • Built-in hook allows quick, simple display in convenient location
  • Thick pages reduce ink bleed-through to keep your writing legible
  • Monthly format offers ample writing space for your schedule

While the matching Blue Sky planner description is described as;

  • Floral cover adds stunning style to your day
  • Durable tabs resist tearing for lasting use throughout entire year
  • Thick pages reduce ink bleed-through to keep your writing legible
  • Double-wire binding allows pages to lie flat for easier writing
  • 6 bonus monthly pages allow easy yearly transitions

Blue Sky The Color of Imagination, LLC started out as a small family-owned business, but they’ve grown into a company of 70 employees. Blue Sky runs as a collaboration of creative minds, creating products of exceptional quality, located in Orange County, California. They collaborate for with many other design companies to create their inspiring and clean look. Blue Sky strives to live by the words, “Plan to do more of what you love®.”
As a family-owned business ourselves with just 100 employees, we see huge value in working with solutions-oriented people invested in our local communities.

My Thoughts on These Products

I was really excited to review Blue Sky’s calendar and planner duo this month. I am a true lover of all things organizational! I have somewhere between 5 and 8 calendar/planner combinations that I am particular about keeping up to date. So this review seemed right up my alley!

To start, the calendar was something I needed in my office space. I keep one for my time sensitive work projects and the other for my personal life and second job schedule. I loved the large wall calendars because I can glance at them and see everything easily. I really like to use my colorful pends too, so the bleed resistant pages work really well for me. I also have a wall calendar at home that I really enjoyed. After thinking about everything I loved about it, I went home to check the brand. Shocker, it was Blue Sky. The aesthetic and the quality is apparently what draws me to this product repeatedly.

As for the planners, its a very similar experience. I have multiple planners mainly because I’m forgetful. I have one at work, one at home, one in my purse, and one in my phone. It seems a little obsessive, but at any given time I am able to check and edit my schedule. I keep things color coded, so seeing my schedule in multiple places in a uniform fashion helps me to remember where I need to be. Like other Blue Sky products; the aesthetic is there, the quality is there, and the durability is great! The planners have a great space management balance. There’s space for notes and the calendar squares aren’t top small that you can’t fit your events in them. Of all my planners, my Blue Sky planner is the cleanest looking one. They just hold up better than other products.


My overall feelings on the Blue Sky calendars and planners are unsurprisingly good. There’s a lot that comes with the Blue Sky brand. In my own personal experience, I encountered no problems with either product I tested. I’ve never really made decisions about the calendars and planners I use based on brand, but I am confident that in the future, I will be checking with Blue Sky first.


Blue Sky The Color of Imagination, LLC has an array of stationary options! For more options, check out our FriendsOffice Website!

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