April Product Highlight: Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer

Product of the Month

Spring has sprung and so has another monthly product highlight! This review might feel like its a little late to the pandemic party, but with the new vaccines and decrease in COVID cases, everyone is hoping for a little bit of normalcy, soon! Inevitably, this can mean that the lowering of safety precautions set in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can act as a perfect foothold for other sicknesses to set back in. This month, we are reviewing Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer!

All About the Product

The Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer can be described as a refreshing gel with a new formula that works well for sensitive skin. It has 75% alcohol content for killing up to 99.99% of germs. This hand sanitizer helps to reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause disease and is designed with an advanced antiseptic formula. It is recommended that repeated use of this product will generate the best outcome for the user.

My Thoughts on This Product

With the Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer product, there are two important things to know! We use this hand sanitizer here at FriendsOffice. There is a bottle stationed at all highly trafficked areas of our buildings and readily available in each department area. The other thing is that we have a lot of it in stock! We used our national sourcing and brought in truckloads from our key manufacturer partner at the onset of the pandemic.

The container is made of a well constructed plastic with a pump to match. The actual hand sanitizer itself doesn’t smell any worse than the others out there. I’d say, it smells like it’ll get the job done: Killing germs and keeping your hands clean. In my experience, the “sensitive skin” safety claim has not proven inaccurate. The hand sanitizer hasn’t dried out my skin and works as expected.


Overall, the Blue Cedar Hand Sanitizer seems fine! No one really wants to use hand sanitizer all of the time, but that just seems to be our norm now. If my company was going to hand out free sanitizer in the office, I’m glad that they chose something as nice as Blue Cedar. Simple as that!


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