4 Top Drawer-Favorites

Our Current 4 Drawer Favorites 

What’s standard for you to have on-hand at any moment’s notice while on the job? We have a few of our favorites in mind this time of year!

  1. Mead notebooks make organizing and maintaining good project notes a breeze. There are a variety of cover choices and sizes, but their best factor is that they all have the same noteworthy quality!
  2. Papermate‘s assortment of pens help separate specific project notes and help you highlight call-outs for high priority to-do’s on your list. From their flair felt tips to their gel ball-points, we know you’ll be prepared for every type of meeting and project. We are in-love with their flair tips in “candy pop” colors! The water-based ink won’t leak through or smear and the point-guard protection will help these pens be a long-lasting component in your desk drawer.
  3. And, going further into Papermate’s well-know and superior writing utensils, we have to point out their standard Ink-Joys because we’ve loved them, forever. These most-loved pens are fast-drying, ergonomic, and talk-about-colorful!
  4. Oh, thank you 3M and Post-it! We are so glad for their variety of colors and sizes and especially for their guaranteed adhesive technology.

Share with us some of your favorites! Learn about these products and our Top 4 Drawer Favorites in our recent email, here.

Thank you to our preferred manufacturer partners for helping us to provide such a wonderful product assortment to our customers. It makes us feel good about serving our Friends!

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