2021 Desktop Must-Haves and Top Trends

Keeping up with trends can be exhausting! But when it comes to office supplies, things don’t just trendier. They get smarter too!

Top Trends From Top Brands

U-Brand Dry Erase Set

For those who need to set themselves a few more reminders than a sticky note has room for, this U-Brand Dry Erase Set is meant for you! With a Dry Erase Board with a little more class, the black wood frame can dress up any space. You can’t forget the markers and eraser! They are, after all, the part of the set that keeps everything looking neat and clean.

Rolodex Set

Looking for something a little more toned down and build to impress? Rolodex it the brand for you! Their products come in a professional, black metal that can easily fit into any workspace!

U-Brand Gold Set

Why should your workspace be any duller than you are? Glam up your workspace with the U-Brand Gold Set. So your outside can match your inside, while still pulling off that professional look!

Tips and Trick for Saving Space

  • Go Vertical: When your space is limited, it’s important to know how to optimize your work area. I have have found that my workspace feels more open and clean when my desktop is organized. I use the walls of my cubical to make up for the space. For example, I have a couple of pushpins that hold up my blue light glasses and another next to it that holds my face mask. It’s easy for me to grab, but keeps my surfaces clear of clutter.
  • Stack It Up: Don’t be afraid to stack things on top of each other. We love our letter stacking trays!
  • Consolidate: Try to keep all of your stuff together. Keep all of your pens with your pens, files with files, snacks with snacks, etc. Utilize desk organizers that make sense for your space and the supplies you use regularly.


These products not only look amazing, their functionality is fabulous! For more FriendsOffice products that have been tested and reviewed, check out our previous blog posts in our “Monthly Product Highlights,” series.

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Redefining Your Workspace: Trends!
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