Yearly Archives: 2020

Benefits of an Organized Office

from Innovative Office Solutions Employee’s organization and business productivity go hand in hand. A tidy workplace encourages workers to be productive, save time, and reduces work-related stress. Although the success of a business involves more than an organized office, removing clutter can help your employees focus on what’s important. Organization in the workplace facilitates employees…
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How to Succeed at Work with Positive Thinking

FriendsOffice Mantras Series FriendsOffice, much like other companies, holds a set of values and ideas that they expect to be followed at work. When everyone shares in the same ideas, the work place runs better. The first mantra that FriendsOffice focusses on  is to “Think Positively.” This mantra may seem like a given, but it's…
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FriendsOffice Mantras: Words to Live By

FriendsOffice Mantras Series Everyone has a set of mantras that they follow to get them through life. The standards that we follow here at FriendsOffice can seem a little straightforward. However, for us they create a warm and open work environment where we can encourage all to succeed. Our mantras are; Think Positively  Network Well…
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