Monthly Archives: March 2020

Know the Difference to Fight the Spread of Viruses

If slowing the spread of viruses and protecting yourself (and your employees) is a priority, then it's extremely important to understand the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your workplace. To ensure we are communicating all appropriate measures and relaying thorough protocol, we have consulted with the United States Centers for Disease Control through their…
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Our Top 8 To Do’s in Company Acquisitions

Joining companies together can be a real struggle for many organizations regardless if you are the acquirer or the acquired. Throughout the past ten years, I helped welcome and transition at least four organizations into the FriendsOffice family.  So, here are my Top 8 To-Do’s when it comes to bringing a new organization into the…
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3 Reasons Why I Choose to Work

Choosing to be a working parent is not easy. As just one example, there are loads of things you miss out on if you choose to work outside the home while you raise kids. I have a new one-year-old and when I am not at home I am missing his first everything!  On those off-days…
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